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Executive Coaching

How we help clients


The process of helping our clients is straight forward and consistent. Firstly we will have the initial conversation with them to discuss what aspect of their leadership style or behaviour they wish to change and what impact that would have.


We then agree with the client on a suggested coaching approach. This approach can involve us soliciting feedback from the clients key stakeholders. Key stakeholders can include direct reports, line manager, peers or board members. We may also ask the client to complete a personality psychometric such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation (Firo) we will then meet with client to talk through the feedback and the results from the psychometrics in order to agree on the main coaching goals and any identified behavioural change.


The coaching relationship then commences with clear coaching goals and expectations defined. Each coaching session lasts approximately 90 minutes.


We understand and appreciate that our clients have busy lives and will therefore always be flexible in our approach as to where and when the coaching session will take place.


If you would like to book an initial 30 minute free coaching consultation session then please complete the short form on our Contacts page and we can arrange a convenient date and time around how coaching could support you and your leadership development moving forward.


Reported outcomes from clients

  •  "More confidence in dealing with difficult conversations"

  • "Increase in my personal resilience and reduction of stress"

  • "Much more confidence and as such approach things with a "I can" attitude rather than a "can I"

  • "Developed my leadership skills as I realised my technical skills would only get me so far"

  • "Life is much better as I have greater self esteem and know my capabilities"

  • "Coaching has yielded significant benefits to my professional development"


Working with us 

If you think you would benefit from coaching then please get in touch as we would love to hear from you. There are a number of ways in which we work with clients in order to be flexible around their coaching needs. These include: Face to face meetings, Online via Skype or telephone coaching

In 2011 Fiona completed her diploma in corporate & executive coaching. Fiona really enjoys working with senior leaders and recognises that the higher you go in an organisation the fewer people you can talk to confidentially. An Executive coach can provide supportive thinking and challenge to their client as well as giving them a new / different perspective on an existing problem they are facing into.